Thank you for your interest in joining the Adobe I/O Events Beta. Adobe I/O Events enables lightning-fast event-driven integration with Adobe APIs and we are looking for developers with interesting use cases to share feedback during the beta phase.
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For the private beta we start with two supported APIs. Please select the APIs that you would like to integrate with.

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Who is this integration for? What can you do with it? Without Adobe I/O Events, would it still be possible?
Are there other Adobe APIs that you would be interested in using with Adobe I/O Events?

Thank you for your interest in the Adobe I/O Events Beta. We will get back to you when we are ready to start the beta with you, or get in touch prior to general availability.
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As an Adobe employee, you can just join our Slack channel right away and we will set you up with instructions. Please join the shared channel #adobeio-events.
I'll do it!